woom - For the love of cycling

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woom - For the love of cycling

Campaign idea

The aim of the campaign was to increase awareness of woom on the French market and to produce high-quality pieces with an emphasis on the rational and emotional benefits of the woom bikes.


Part of the campaign were 3 macro-influencers from France (>500k followers) who are parents of children between 18 months and 14 years old. In doing so, the campaign was structured with cliffhangers to maintain suspense throughout the campaign period. With a >50% Gross Reach overperformance, the campaign reached over 1.3 million users, gaining great exposure within France.


High quality content


Likes & comments


Gross Reach Overperformance



icon image for - 3 creator and 12 postings

3 creator and 12 postings

icon image for - 467 link clicks

467 link clicks

icon image for - 1.3M Unique views

1.3M Unique views

icon image for - 3.7% Engagement rate

3.7% Engagement rate

icon image for - 48k interactions

48k interactions

Maria Cigic

Marketing Manager @woombikes

"The results have been very positive. We are already planning the next joint campaigns, in France, the DACH region, Italy and Scandinavia."