Kitchen Impossible

Kitchen Impossible

Campaign idea

For the kick-off of the new Kitchen Impossible season with Tim Mälzer, 5 macro food influencers from Germany generated awareness for the new season launch on VOX in their cooking-interested communities.

Campaign implementation

They challenged themselves in various cooking challenges and reinterpreted various Kitchen Impossible recipes. In order to extend the reach of the articles, the content pieces were supported with media budget and played out as branded content ads to lookalike audiences. This additionally increased the campaign’s reach in the relevant target group.


Multi Channel Campaign

20.83% Touchpoints-to-views

>73k content interactions




icon image for - 5 Influencers and 23 Content Pieces

5 Influencers and 23 Content Pieces

icon image for - 3M unique views

3M unique views

icon image for - 73K interactions (likes, comments, story interactions etc.)

73K interactions (likes, comments, story interactions etc.)

icon image for - 2.1% Engagement rate

2.1% Engagement rate

icon image for - 1.9K Link Clicks

1.9K Link Clicks

Andreas Wolf

Digital Producer

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