#klimaaktiv - together we can achieve more


#klimaaktiv - together we can achieve more

Campaign idea

Ongoing support for MediaBrothers GmbH on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK).

Campaign implementation

influence.vision is responsible in particular for the production of digital influencer assets for the Klimaaktiv TikTok channel in this project. The climate protection initiative klimaaktiv aims to sensitize a younger target group (Gen Z) for climate protection using low-threshold climate communication and to draw attention to climate-friendly behavior and climate protection measures through its presence on the social media channel. The cooperation adresses current topics such as sustainable mobility, energy-saving tips for everyday life, as well as zero waste and upcycling projects to try out. So far, the more than 25 posts published on the klimaaktiv channel have generated an average of 40,000 Average Views and significantly increased engagement on the channel.



Average views

Long-term brand ambassadors

Sustainability driven campaign




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>25 TikTok videos

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⌀40k average views

Judith Winder

Senior Account Manager

"influence.vision unterstützt uns mit ihrer Social Technologie bei der Auswahl, Analyse und Buchung passender InfluencerInnen für unseren klimaaktiv TikTok Kanal, um verschiedene Themen rund um die Nachhaltigkeit innerhalb der jungen österreichischen Community bekannter zu machen"