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Gillette Venus

Gillette Venus

#unshamed with Gillette Venus

The “Unshamed” campaign by Gillette Venus aimed to de-taboo the topic of intimate shaving in the female Swiss community and to create social awareness for it. To achieve this goal, 5 micro-influencers from Switzerland were activated to inform their communities about the topic on Instagram. Campaign engagement was particularly high, with an above-average value of around 3.5%. The positive and on-topic comments indicate that the campaign has stimulated the desired dialogue within the community. Overall, the campaign has been successful in breaking the taboo around intimate shaving and contributing to an open discourse.


topic-related comments

⌀ 3.5%

Engagement rate

Kitchen Impossible

Kitchen Impossible

For the kick-off of the new Kitchen Impossible season with Tim Mälzer, 5 macro food influencers from Germany generated awareness for the new season launch on VOX in their cooking-interested communities.

Multi Channel Campaign

20.83% Touchpoints-to-views

woom bikes

woom bikes

woom – For the love of cycling

The influencer campaign successfully accompanied woom’s market entry within the French market.

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