Campaign idea

SAMSUNG has launched the new GalaxyA9 smartphone, which particularly stands out with its special quad-camera feature. It is the world’s first smartphone with 4 cameras and appeals mainly to younger people. Since such a young target group is particularly difficult to reach, influencer marketing was chosen as the approach. 12 influencers took part in a photo shoot with the new SAMSUNG smartphone. The results were then uploaded to the influencers’ Instagram channels on launch day. Additionally, the various features of the 4 cameras were featured in their IG stories and saved as story highlights. Numerous followers participated in a contest initiated by the influencers, where one follower had the chance to win the new SAMSUNG GalaxyA9.

Campaign implementation

In the course of the new product launch, awareness was to be generated in a younger target group and the product features were to be presented.


Creative content

>1.4M unique views

Unique views

Community incentives



icon image for - 12 influencers and 123 posts

12 influencers and 123 posts

icon image for - 15.3M unique views

15.3M unique views

icon image for - 50.9K interactions (likes, comments, story interactions etc.)

50.9K interactions (likes, comments, story interactions etc.)

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