Content Reach Technology – How to get even better results in Influencer Marketing

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Author: Nicholas Agardy

April 15, 2019

Even if you are satisfied with the results of your influencer marketing campaign, your work shouldn’t stop there. Learn how to reuse influencer-generated content and how to leverage your influencer campaigns with our Content Reach Technology.

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Content Buyout: Reuse the influencer-generated content

Influencers function as a marketing channel which can drive product sales and increase brand awareness. However, their value is not limited to their followers alone. Influencers create quality content that you can reuse on your website, social platforms and other marketing channels. And because the content is a product of your influencer marketing campaigns, repurposing it, is much cheaper than generating new content. Just make sure that you have the permission from the influencers to use the content commercially.

How to repurpose the content of your influencer campaign

Post the content again on your social media channels

It can be difficult to create content that works well on social media. Most people use platforms like Facebook and Instagram to stay in touch with their friends and family or just binge on funny memes. For this reason, brand advertising in users’ feeds can often be viewed as annoying. Influencer-generated content, on the other hand, is less offensive because it blends with other content from a consumer’s feed very well.

When influencers share your product on their social media accounts or talk about your service on their YouTube channels, not only does your brand’s audience grow but so does your connection to the influencers and your audience.


What makes influencer-generated content relatable is that it adds a human element to your ad. Using them on your website can convince your site visitors to buy your products. A report found out that IGCs have 88% greater impact than user reviews for acquiring customers. Influencer images work great as headers, banners, testimonials and customer stories. Other repurpose options include articles, videos, audio clips or blogs.

Get to know our Content Reach Technology

Our Content Reach technology lets you distribute your influencer content across all media channels. This doesn’t only extend your organic reach, but also optimizes your CPM. Our Content Reach Technology offers you the following tools: Social Push, Advertorial, Video Push and InBlog Tech.

Social-Push enables you to reach more people through social media ads. Advertorial allows your IGC to look natural and blend with our network of online publishers. Video-Push lets you display your content across all our multimedia network and InBlog-Tech will give you the opportunity to display your banner ads on influencer blogs. Content Reach Technology leverages the value of your influencer’s content and maximizes its effect.

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