How to Get Promoted by a Social Media Influencer When You’re Just Starting Out

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Author: Nicholas Agardy

September 17, 2019

Almost 50% of consumers now rely on product recommendations by social media influencers. 60% of brands in the fashion and beauty business already have an influencer strategy in place. But if you’re just starting out, it may seem like a lot of work to get promoted by a social media influencer. Thankfully, it’s actually a lot easier than you think. You just need to know the proper steps to take to learn how to connect with influencers who will be more than happy to work with you. And we can help. Keep reading to learn how to branch out and connect with someone with a successful social media influencer platform even if you’re just starting out.

Table of Contents:

You Can’t Get Promoted Until You Brand Your Business

Without a brand, there’s no real incentive for a social media influencer to work with your company. Take some time to figure out what your company stands for.

Figure out what you deliver to your customers that no other business can. Find out what sets you apart from your competition. Write a list of your business values.

Create Profiles on Social Media

Get your brand on social media. Create a Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and/or YouTube profile. Make sure each profile looks the same as part of your brand.

Use either a professional headshot or your logo on your profile. Then start posting new, unique content on a regular basis.

Having an online profile gives influencers a way to find out more about you. You’re establishing legitimacy while also gathering followers.

Get a List of Influencers Who Share Your Values

Not every social media influencer is the perfect match for your business. If your business is activewear for seniors, the current number one influencer, Selena Gomez doesn’t have your target market following her.

But there is a way to find a list of influencers whose followers are your prime target market. Sites such as HypeAuditor or Discover.lyn can help you locate the influencers you need to start paying attention to.

Begin Interacting with Your Favorite Influencers

Like any relationship, it’s not a good idea to just reach out immediately and start asking for favors. No influencer will want to work with you if you’re demanding or desperate.

Instead, start slowly and build up a good, trusting relationship with the influencer.

Like, Comment, and Share Their Content

Start by liking and commenting on some of their content. Share their content with your followers. When writing your own blog, link back to their site.

Once they’re aware of you, then it’s more appropriate to reach out directly to see if they’re interested in collaborating.

Write a Guest Post

Marketing is about adding value to someone else’s life. If a customer or influencer doesn’t see how working with you will add to their lives, they won’t do it.

One way to show how much value your business can bring to a social media influencer is by writing guest posts. You can find where to submit a guest post by using Google and the following keywords:

  • Guest post
  • Submit a guest post
  • Guest post guidelines
  • Accepting guest posts
  • Guest post by

Don’t forget to add keywords specific to your niche. If your business sells car parts use the keyword phrase “car parts submit a guest post”.

Be Respectful and Helpful

Social media influencers are busy running their own businesses. Be respectful of their time. Don’t assume you’ll hear back from them immediately.

In the meantime, you can help them out by pointing out any errors on their site you notice such as a broken link or spelling error. Send them business referrals.

You can even share opportunities (that don’t directly benefit you) or helpful tools their way.

Learn to Deal with Rejection

In business, everyone gets rejected from time to time. Do not let it get you down.

Keep searching for social media influencers who are a good match for your business. Learn and move on from your mistakes.

You’ll find soon enough you have a few influencers who are happy to work with you. Learning how to get promoted on social media effectively won’t happen overnight, but if you’re patient and take the right steps, you’ll meet the right influencers soon enough.

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