5 Reasons Why You Should Collaborate With Influencers

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Author: Nicholas Agardy

June 25, 2019

This article appeared first on LinkedIn.

According to Adweek, the Influencer Marketing industry had an estimated worth of $2 billion in 2017. It’s on target to be worth $10 billion by 2020.

Instagram is one of the most popular places to collaborate with an Influencer. That’s because over one billion users are posting 95 million videos and photos every day.

YouTube also has over one billion users. The number of channels earning six figures each year has grown by 40%. Channels earning five figures per year has grown by over 50%.

If you’re wondering whether collaborating with an Influencer is worth it, keep reading.

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Collaboration Helps Expand Your Reach

When you’re in collaboration with an Influencer, most of the time your goal is to make your campaign go viral. You want maximum engagement and reach for every post about your brand.

An easy tactic to follow is to use a catchy hashtag along with a description which prompts users to create their content using that same hashtag.

Saves You Time

By collaborating with Influencers, you can often save time by outsourcing the content creation. Influencers are like freelancers that will create content for you, which if you have the content-buyout rights, you can reuse for other marketing purposes.

Opportunity to Learn More About Your Target Audience

Collaborating with Influencers provides you with the opportunity to learn more about your target audience. Every time you interact with someone outside of your immediate circle, you can learn something new and valuable.

Often the best and most successful collaborations involve two parties bringing their very different but equally valuable skills sets, strengths, and perspectives together. If you remain open, you’ll learn a great deal about what your target audience wants and expects from you.

Tapping Into New Audiences

Each brand has its own story. But each story can be told using a variety of different points of view. Most Influencers have a strong opinion and can uniquely tell your story.

Collaborating with Influencers of your choice allows you to select the audience carefully, and the story they should tell their audience about your company and product.

Not every customer has the same reasons for liking your company. Collaborating with more than one Influencer allows you to reach very different audiences while promoting the same product.

Ability to Experiment with Multiple Mediums While Increasing Visibility

While it’s a good idea to start out using one social media platform until you’ve mastered it, once you’re more comfortable, branch out. Experimenting with multiple mediums is a great way to achieve a high ROI.

Many Influencers are on multiple platforms. They may have different followers on each platform they post on. But even choosing to post on one social media platform such as Instagram can serve as a gateway to receive a broader promotion of your product. Collaborating with Influencers can help your brand dramatically increase its online visibility.

Bonus: How to Get Influencers to Collaborate With You

If you want Influencers to collaborate with you, start by signing up for an Influencer marketplace like influence.vision. Present yourself and your brand and show the Influencers why you are fun to work with and why your product is right for their audience. Having a profile on an influencer marketplace like influence.vision will attract Influencers to work with you. When they see that you are a good fit, they’ll also benefit from the collaboration.

Also, make sure you’re in the same niche. Like attracts like. Once you’ve found an Influencer to collaborate with, start brainstorming together or let the Influencer bring in all the creativity.

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