June 2019


1.1. The following General Terms and Conditions ("GTC") gapply to all legal transactions between GmbH, Neustiftgasse 94/B5, 1070 Vienna ("influence.vison", "we", "us") and the respective contractual partner ("user") with regard to the services provided by

1.2. Any general terms and conditions of the user shall not become part of the contract.

1.3. is entitled to change these GTC at any time in its sole discretion. The amended GTC will be published on the website and sent to registered users by e-mail. The changes become effective (i) for all users for future assignments and (ii) for existing assignments if the registered users do not object to them in writing within two weeks after receipt of the change notification. In case of an objection, is entitled to terminate the contract with the registered user at the end of the current month. If does not terminate the contract with the registered user, the old terms and conditions continue to apply.


2.1. The main focus of is the provision of services in the field of automated information technology. In particular, provides various services in connection with influencer marketing and influencer campaigns and operates platforms for the implementation and handling of influencer marketing campaigns.

2.2. The services of addressinfluencers on the one hand and brands/agencies on the other hand (together "users"):

  1. Influencers are usually people who, due to their strong presence in social networks, are suitable carriers of advertising and marketing campaigns ("influencers").
  2. (b) Brands/agencies are natural or legal persons, including in particular companies, marketing and media agencies, who wish to cooperate with an influencer ("brands/agencies").


3.1. The use of our services is possible only after prior registration. In the course of registration, we create an individual user account for each user, which the user can keep up to date ("Account").

3.2. The users are obliged to keep their access data (e-mail address and password) chosen during registration secret and to protect them from unauthorised access by third parties. Users must immediately report any suspicion of misuse or unauthorized access to their account in writing to is not liable for damages caused by misuse, loss or disclosure of access data by the user or third parties attributable to the user.

3.3. All information provided during registration and subsequent use of the account must be truthful. If the user's details change, they must be corrected immediately in the respective account.

3.4. cannot and is not responsible for verifying the correctness and completeness of the information provided by the users during registration and use of the account. Furthermore, cannot and is not responsible for verifying whether the user has the necessary licenses and (trade) authorizations for his activities.


4.1. Users have the opportunity to upload content, including text and images, or provide links on our platform and thereby make this content visible to other users ("User Content").

4.2. The respective user is solely responsible for ensuring that the user content made available by him complies with the applicable legal provisions, does not infringe the rights of third parties and is neither offensive nor inappropriate. is neither responsible for the correctness nor the legality of the User Content made available by the user.

4.3. In addition, the user is responsible for having all necessary rights, authorizations, consents, licenses and permissions to the provided User Content in order to upload or share it on our platform and to grant the usage rights according to point 7.1.

4.4. The user has to inform immediately about any legal disputes, claims or measures of third parties in connection with theUser Content in order to give the possibility to delete or block the respective content.

4.5. has no obligation to review, monitor or edit the User Content. If the User Content made available by the user violates these GTC, the applicable legal provisions or the rights of third parties, the user shall be solely responsible for the consequences resulting therefrom and shall indemnify and hold harmless against all claims and demands of third parties (including court and attorney fees).

4.6. We reserve the right to delete, block, deny or restrict access to User Content provided by users without stating reasons, in particular in the event of a suspected breach of these GTC, the applicable statutory provisions or third-party rights.


5.1. The user is obliged to provide all information on our platforms truthfully and to the best of his knowledge and belief. In particular, the information provided by the user must not be false, misleading, deceptive or otherwise misleading.

5.2. The user himself is responsible for complying with the legal provisions applicable. In particular, the user is responsible for obtaining and maintaining the licenses and (trade) authorizations required for his activities. In addition, the user himself is responsible for complying with tax regulations.

5.3. The users are obliged to delete any inadmissible User Content immediately or to notify in writing of any possible violation of the law so that we can remove such content immediately.

5.4. The users are obliged to use exclusively the platforms provided by for interaction and communication with each other. In particular, it is prohibited that users circumvent the platforms or use the platforms solely to search for contacts and subsequently communicate outside the platforms.

5.5. It is important that our platforms are used securely and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Therefore, it is particularly prohibited for users to use the platform ("use restrictions"):

  1. to make untrue statements or statements, deceive others as regards their identity, or to provide, upload, or link to unlawful User Content;
  2. to interfere with the rights of third parties or otherwise make illegal content available, upload it or provide links to it;
  3. to make available, upload or link User Content that violates legal provisions or is otherwise incompatible with these GTC;
  4. to provide, upload or link User Content that may infringe intellectual property rights or other third party rights, including trademark, copyright, patent and privacy rights;
  5. to promote illegal activities or to advertise for, promote or support illegal activities;
  6. to submit any material or content that is pornographic, obscene, inappropriate, abusive, threatening, harassing, defamatory, hateful, hateful, hurtful, defamatory, racist, xenophobic, shocking, illegal or otherwise offensive;
  7. to decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, copy or otherwise make our platforms available to third parties without permission;
  8. to "crawl", "scrape", "cache" or otherwise browse the content of our platforms by automated means;
  9. to conduct unauthorised advertising activities, or to make promotional materials, "junk mail", "spam mail", "chain letters" or "pyramid schemes" available;
  10. use our platforms in a manner that (i) may interrupt, slow down or otherwise interfere with the functionality of the platform, (ii) could result in a disruption of the platforms or the IT infrastructure used, (iii) impairs the system resources, (iv) exposes the infrastructure of the platforms to adisproportionate load, or (v) constitutes an attack on the security and authentication measures of theplatforms or our IT infrastructure;
  11. otherwise use the platforms for purposes other than those for which they were developed and made available to the user.

5.6. The user indemnifies and holds harmless from and against any claims, damages, liabilities, costs, losses and expenses resulting from (i) culpable violation of these GTC by the user, (ii) culpable violation of rights of third parties by the user and/or (iii) culpable damages for or third parties by the User Content or use of the platforms.

6. BLOCKING AND DELETION OF ACCOUNTS reserves the right to block or delete accounts at its own discretion, to warn other users or to issue a warning to the respective user, especially if it can be assumed that

  1. the user or the account to be blocked can impair the reputation or the ongoing operation of the respective platform;
  2. the user has provided false, misleading or illegal information or User Content;
  3. the user damages/harms or disrupts or other users;
  4. the user no longer uses the respective platform due to permanent inactivity;
  5. the user violates these GTC or the applicable statutory provisions.


7.1. By uploading or providing information and user content, the user grants the non-exclusive, transferable, sublicensable, non-billable, worldwide, perpetual and revocable right to use, store, reproduce, publish and distribute the content provided by the user to the appropriate extent, in particular to display and illustrate the respective content on the platform.

7.2. In the event that the user deletes his account, details or User Content, the deleted information will be removed from our platforms within a reasonable period of time. However, due to the viral distribution of online content, deletion on our platforms does not affect the potential distribution to third parties. This applies in particular if the respective content has already been shared with others (by the user himself or by us), since the use of the contents by these third parties is beyond our sphere of influence.

7.3. Apart from the content provided by users, all the peculiar elements of our platforms, such as texts, images, illustrations, the design and structure of the platform and the contents of the database, are protected by copyright and intellectual property laws. These elements may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, made available, presented, performed, modified, translated or used in any other inadmissible manner without the written consent of


8.1. The fee to be paid by the user to is agreed in detail with the user. Unless agreedotherwise, the current price list of is applicable. If necessary and with explicit written agreement provides its services for certain user groups free of charge until revoked.

8.2. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, invoices are issued monthly in advance in electronic form. All invoices are due without deduction within 14 days of the invoice date. Payment is made by bank transfer to the bank account provided by

8.3. Users shall bear all costs and expenses associated with their payment, such as processing fees, exchange rates and bank charges. In addition, the users are obliged to comply with the applicable tax provisionsin their own sphere.

8.4. In case of default of payment, is entitled to charge default interest at a rate of 9.2% p.a. as well as the dunning and collection costs necessary for the appropriate prosecution.

8.5. The user is not entitled to offset counterclaims against or possible claims against third parties in connection with the services of or to withhold payments with reference to possible defects. The user is only entitled to offset against the claims expressly recognized by or legally established or to assert a right of retention.


9.1. makes its platforms available "as is", with the latest functionalities and with due care. However, it is not possible to completely avoid errors or interruptions in availability. cannot guarantee the correctness, reliability, quality, suitability, security, completeness and timeliness of the platforms and their contents –also taking into account the risks connected with the use of the Internet. Nevertheless, we will endeavour to eliminate perceived or reported material errors appropriately.

9.2. is not obliged to provide a specific IT infrastructure and therefore does not guarantee the uninterrupted availability of the platforms. Temporary disconnections may occur.

9.3. reserves the right, at its own discretion, to carry out maintenance work on the platforms as required. This can lead to interruptions in availability. If possible, will announce such maintenance windows to the users in advance.


10.1. is not liable for damages caused by slight negligence. Also the compensation of indirect damages, consequential damages, not achieved savings, lost profit and damages from claims of third parties are excluded.

10.2. This exclusion of liability does not apply to grossly negligent or intentionally inflicted damages or for damage resulting from injury to life, body or health of people and for claims under the Product Liability Act.

10.3. The user must prove the existence of intent or gross negligence. Claims for damages become statute-barred within one year.

10.4. Furthermore, is not liable for damages due to force majeure (e.g. strikes, war, natural disasters).

10.5. The use of any information or materials provided by our users on the Platform is entirely at your own risk. It is the responsibility of users to review the respective User Content of others and to ensure that it meets their expectations.

10.6. Our platforms may contain links that allow access to the websites or services of third parties ("Third Party Services") that are not owned or controlled by us. Such third party services may be governed by their own terms of use. We do not control the services of third parties and are not responsible for their content. is therefore not liable for the technical availability of third party services, their content, advertising, products and/or services.

11. DATA PROTECTION complies with the applicable legal provisions, in particular the Data Protection Act ("DSG") and the EU General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") as regards the collection, processing and use of personal data. Further information about the processing of personal data can be found in our Privacy Policy.


12.1. The user contract concluded between and the respective user by way of registration is concluded for an indefinite period of time.

12.2. Users may terminate the user contract at any time in writing (by post or e-mail)..

12.3. is entitled to terminate the user contract with the respective user at the end of each month.

12.4. The possibility of an immediate termination for good cause remains unaffected by these provisions.


13.1. General information

13.1.1. provides users with an "agency" platform at This platform makes it possible for brands/agencies on the one hand and influencers on the other to get in contact with each other and to agree on collaborations or advertising campaigns.

13.1.2. For the purpose of procurement, presents the brands/agencies as well as the influencers and their User Content on the platform and offers them a communication channel as well as a tool for negotiating contracts including the associated conditions and a conflict management tool.

13.1.3. acts as a mediator for the users and concludes an agency contract with the brands/agencies as well as with the influencers. The conclusion of the contract for the respective campaign then takes place directly between the respective brand/agency and the influencer, whereby the conditions are negotiated and agreed directly between these parties. therefore accepts no liability for contracts concluded between the users, even if the respective contact has been established by, as is not a party of these contracts.

13.1.4. therefore does not act as an agency itself and does not interfere with the contract negotiations and the content of the contract between influencers and brands/agencies. Rather, merely promotes and enables the conclusion of contracts between brands/agencies and influencers.

13.1.5. therefore acts as an agent both in the name and for the account of the influencers and in the name and for the account of the brands/agencies. is therefore a commercial agent. The duration of the commercial agent's activity is linked to the existence of the contract of use and ends automatically with this.

13.1.6. is a commercial agent for several influencers or brands/agencies and also concludes contracts for competing services for others during an ongoing business relationship. continuously strives to mediate campaigns by presenting the influencers and brands/agencies on the platform. does not owe further effort or even success.

13.2.'s activities as commercial agency and conclusion of contracts

13.2.1. offers both influencers and brands/agencies the opportunity to present themselves on the platform and invite the other side to submit an offer to conclude a cooperation, subsequently negotiate the terms and conclude the contract via the platform.

13.2.2. To this end, brands/agencies first write the basics for the planned cooperation in a concrete "briefing" or invite influencers to make an offer for potential cooperation. Influencers then have the opportunity to make a concrete and binding offer including financial conditions ("creative offer"). transmits these creative offers supplemented by further information on the specific influencer and his activitiesto the brands/agencies and, in addition to the fee offered by the respective influencer, indicates the commission of The brands/agencies can then accept the creative offers of the influencers directly via the platform, reject them or negotiate the conditions with the influencer.

13.2.3. With the acceptance of a creative offer by the brand/agency, the corresponding contract for the provision of services by the influencer is concluded directly between the influencer and the respective brand/agency. This entitles to the commission agreedupon.

13.2.4. Both the influencer and the brand/agency are fully responsible for the selection of an appropriate counterparty. has no influence whatsoever on the choice of either party and gives no assurance whatsoever as to the suitability of the chosen contractual partner. Any liability or responsibility of is rejected.

13.2.5. In addition to the actual mediation activity, prepares a report on the respective campaign after the influencer has provided his services and makes it available to the brand/agency via the platform.

13.3. Content of the contract and rights of use of the brands/agencies

13.3.1. only acts as an intermediary and does not become a party to the contract between the brand/agency and the influencer. The specific content of the agreement between the brand/agency and the influencer is therefore determined and agreed exclusively by them. Any problems in the relationship between the brand/agency and the influencer have no effect on the commission claim of and do not justify any other claims against

13.3.2. This also applies to the use of any content created by the influencer on behalf of the Brand/Agency (e.g. pictures or videos) and the intellectual property rights thereto. These contents may therefore only be reproduced, distributed, processed, made available or otherwise used by the brand/agency in accordance with the rights granted by the influencer..

13.3.3. The influencer or brand/agency in question is responsible for ensuring that the content created or published by the influencer complies with the applicable legal provisions. has no influence on the details of the agreement between the influencer and the brand/agency and therefore cannot check the legal conformity of the content and is not responsible for it.

13.3.4. has no influence on the fulfilment of the contract between the brand/agency and the influencer. The commission claims of therefore also exist in the event of disputes regarding the provision of services and in the event of any defective fulfilment of the contract, since has completed its own services with the successful mediation of the contract.

13.4. Payment conditions and payment processing

13.4.1. All payments between brands/agencies and influencers in connection with the contracts brokered via the platform are processed by

13.4.2. receives a commission for each brokered contract between brand/agency and influencer from the respective brand/agency in the amount agreed upon and shown on the platform, including legal sales tax. The basis for calculating the commission to be paid by the respective brand/agency to is the remuneration agreed between the brand/agency and the influencer for the mediated activity. The assessment basis therefore also includes any additional services agreed between the brand/agency and the influencer, regardless of how these are agreed (e.g. via the text field or the chat within the platform; other communication channels, e.g. via the Internet). These services are therefore also subject to the agreed commission.

13.4.3. The provision of services to the influencers is free of charge - until revoked.

13.4.4. The brand/agency pays the fee agreed upon for the respective service plus the commission agreed with Unless otherwise agreed, payment must be made by within 14 days of invoicing.

13.4.5. Upon receives the payment made by the brand/agency, shall forward the amount agreed between the brand/agency and the influencer to the bank account notified by the influencer. The transfer is usually made within 30 days of the invoice being issued by the influencer or the report being made available to the brand/agency (whichever comes later). It shall be clarified that can only make the payment to the influencer when the corresponding amount has been received by from the brand/agency..

13.4.6. In the event of any dispute between the brand/agency and the influencer about the proper provision of services, may act as a conflict mediator at its own discretion.In this case is entitled to withhold a reasonable amount from the payment to be made to the influencer in case additional expenses incur for due to culpable conduct on the part of the influencer.

13.4.7.'s commission claim against the brand/agency remains valid even if the contract between the brand/agency and the influencer is not or not properly fulfilled due to circumstances for which is not responsible.


14.1. Upon request, supports brands/agencies in the handling of campaigns and in the search for suitable influencers ("Managed Service"). offers this Managed Service in addition to the mediation of contracts between brands/agencies and influencers. In this regard, actsonly advisory and supportive and therefore does not owe a certain success.

14.2. The brand/agency is obliged to provide the cooperation required for the provision of the Managed Services by in a timely manner and free of charge (e.g. to provide the necessary information or to approve or reject's proposals within a reasonable period of time).

14.3. Unless otherwise agreed, the fee to be paid by the Brand/Agency for the Managed Services shall only be payable upon successful mediation of a contract with an influencer. In the event that the Brand/Agency interrupts the provision of Managed Services for reasons beyond's control, shall be entitled to reimbursement of the costs of the services actually provided in accordance with's current price list.

14.4. Otherwise, the provisions of Clause 13 shall also apply mutatis mutandis to Managed Services.


15.1. provides influencers who run their own blog with a platform for aggregating blog entries under Interested readers can use this platform to easily find blog posts on various topics.

15.2. If influencers link their own blog on the platform, their blog entries are also recorded in superblog and distributed via this platform. In the event that the influencer does not agree, he can object to this at any time in writing or by e-mail.

15.3. The use of superblog by influencers is subject to its own terms of use


16.1. As a further service, offers brands/agencies the opportunity to promote the reach of their content and campaigns across all media and thereby reach additional target groups. These Content Reach Services cover a wide range of content distribution services, from social media ads and advertorials to multimedia advertising and in-blog advertising in the blogs of cooperating influencers.

16.2. The brand/agency is obliged to provide the necessary cooperation for the provision of the Content Reach Services by in a timely manner and free of charge for (e.g. provide the necessary content or coordinate the media channels to be played).

16.3. As regards in-blog advertising, the cooperating influencer is obliged to allow the inclusion of the content of the brand/agency in his blog, to keep the necessary technical infrastructure permanently available and to integrate the code required to display the advertising in his blog.

16.4. The fee to be paid by the brand/agency for the Content Reach Services is agreed in detail with If there is no separate agreement, the current price list. is applicable.

16.5. The fee to be paid by to the respective cooperating influencer in connection with in-blog advertising is agreed in detail between and the respective influencer.

16.6. All intellectual property rights in Content Reach Technology itself remain with providing content for Content Reach Services, the respective brand/agency grants the non-exclusive, transferable, sublicensable, royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual and revocable right to use, store, reproduce, publish and distribute the content to the extent necessary to provide the Content Reach Services. The brand/agency is responsible for ensuring that it possesses all necessary rights, authorisations, consents, licences and authorisations to the content made available. It shall further indemnify and hold it harmless in the event of claims by third parties.


17.1. Should any provision of these GTC be or become ineffective, invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the effectiveness, validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions. In this case, a provision that comes as close as possible to the economic result of this provision and that is not invalid, void or unenforceable shall be deemed to have been agreed.

17.2. These GTC and the legal relationship between the users and are exclusively subject to Austrian law under exclusion of reference norms and the UN Sales Convention.

17.3. The exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes in connection with these GTC and the legal relationship between the users and is agreed to be the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court for the first district of Vienna.