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Author: Angie Rigatou

August 02, 2022

Something exciting is happening here at! Over the last five years, we have become one of the leaders in influencer marketing across Europe, launching successful campaigns with brands such as Dyson, Samsung, NordVPN, Refurbed, and many more! These years of experience have given us an edge and the necessary know-how over brand and influencer collaborations to tap into a new field of opportunities.

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Taking the knowledge we have acquired and looking forward to the future, we are expanding our portfolio of influencers outside content creators and targeting a global audience! For the last few months, we have been working on an exciting new project, and we are proud to be able to share the news.

We have teamed up with ATP to bring tennis players to our platform! Some of the biggest sports agencies worldwide have already signed up both male and female athletes on, and we are happy to already work with top players!

The aim of this project is to create additional business opportunities for brands and professional tennis players in a shared and curated marketplace!

Approaching different athletes as a brand can be challenging, especially if they are represented by various agents. With this project, we aspire to be a one-stop marketplace making it easier to navigate athlete-brand partnerships.

WHY do agents/athletes work with

  • receive additional opportunities with I.V. acting as your sales agent
  • benefit from a wide range of brand contacts in multiple industries
  • no cost for using the platform
  • receive rich reporting and campaign data analysis
  • free consultation & player account analysis
  • benefit from valuable insights provided by IV and ATP/WTA

WHY do brands work with

  • receive access to the world of sports
  • utilize athletes for campaigns and sponsorship – opportunities
  • get automatically matched with relevant athletes
  • choose to work with multiple athletes on one campaign
  • choose to work with one athlete on various campaigns
  • benefit from’s content production expertise
  • receive rich reporting and data analysis
  • benefit from seamless campaign management
  • benefit from the platform’s unique rights management
  • get opportunities to step into short & long-term partnerships
  • efficient alternative to long-term sponsorship deals

If you are an agent or an athlete interested in joining our platform or learning more about this opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact us at

If you are a brand interested in launching a campaign featuring some of the world’s leading tennis players, contact our campaign team at

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